Third Wheel Project has its roots in Alaska where founder, Chris Snyder, was raised and started his music career.  Having been self-taught and playing music since the age of 7, Snyder's music has taken him around the world. He has simple goal: To inspire music and creative tendencies through the arts. What started as a collaboration of local Alaskan musicians in the early winter of 2008, Third Wheel Project quickly developed a name for itself in the Alaskan and Midwestern communities. As they grew, they set up chapters in Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Germany. 

Essentially a super band ranging from Reggae to Folk Rock, to Roots & Blues, the seasoned musicians that make up Third Wheel Project have played all over the globe from the quiet coffee shops in Alaska to the Vatican City. The Minnesota/Wisconsin Chapter has become home base for Chris where he can be found playing locally with core Third Wheel band when he is not touring.

More than a band, Third Wheel Project strives to make tools and resources available to artists to help them pursue their dreams of music. Third Wheel Project can provide services such as recording in studio or live, mixing, creating a web presence, and booking shows for public and private events. 

Still, at its core, Third Wheel Project is a community of artists who are passionate about the music they play and create. We hope you enjoy all the dedication, fun, and hard work that goes into it.


Missouri Tour 2018 show dates

Missouri Tour 2018 show dates


October 12, 2012 

Song of the Day "OnThe Road Again" Willie Nelson We just had an incredible tour. I'd say this is arguably the best month of my life. We met some crazy people, some amazing people, and made life-long friendships. My family has grown. Brian and Janice Snyder are two of the most sweet, welcoming, wonderful people I have ever known. If you know them or get a chance to meet them, you will understand. From their hugs to their coffee and soups. You two have a special place in my heart. Thank you.. Chris and I both teared up when we left Flint Ridge, OK today to begin the next chapter of our tour. The Great Escape is heading north loaded to the brim with fireflies, guitars, amps, and a beautiful new keyboard to embark on our next two months of shows in the Land of 10,000 Beers ( aka Minnesota and Wisconsin ). These are my stomping grounds- cheese, beer, camouflage, fingerless gloves, cow tipping, and the Packers. ( Let's not talk about purple here. My cousin has a shirt that says "The Good: Packers, The Bad: Vikings, The Ugly: Cowboys" ) A land of good solid folks that will help out at your fundraiser, stop and pull you out of the snowbank ( I know this ), and/or buy you a Leinenkugals on tap. I'm excited. Being on the road for the last 30 + days have taught Chris and I some valuable lessons.. #1. When you're in the car long enough, tourrets kicks in. #2. If I'm wearing 2 shirts, a sweatshirt, and a sweater, and Chris is wearing a t-shirt, we both enjoy the same temperature in the car. #3. When in Eureka Springs, keep your crystal wand with you at all times. Also a place where a half hour wait is worth it for a good latte. Drink your coffee slow and your beer fast. #4. When in Arkansas, learn the Razorbacks call. Don't ask what it means. Just learn how to say it. Correctly. #5. Chris reeeeeeally likes cows. #6. It's possible to play a country venue, a jazz lounge, and a biker's blues rally all in one week. #7. Armadillos suck. (If you ever see one dead on the side of the road, put 2 beer cans in his paws. This wasn't my idea, it's just what you doooo...) #8. Everyone should hear Kellie Joe Phelps play "Good Night, Irene". (Thanks, Brian :) ) #9. If Chris ever tells you he's going to rip your f*ck%#g sideburns out, he means business! #10. High kicks are hilarious! Do not challenge Chris to a high kick-off- one of our new friends, a sequined vest and pants of blue camouflage wearing bass player, made this mistake..... He over-shot it in his enthusiasm and landed flat on his back. I almost peed my pants. Honorable mention: Gas station food ends unpleasantly. "That smell may or may not be a turkey farm......................" We'll keep you updated. Life on the road is entertaining, exciting, scary at times, but a great way to get to know yourself and someone else. I'll take it :) I'm going to return to making jokes about Iowa now. Love, smiles, and rattlesnakes, NP P.S. if you ever get a chance to go to Chelsea's in Eureka Springs, listen to the Jeff Horton Band out of Fayetteville, AR, or dance to the music of Chad Lee, do it. And stop in to see Joe ( The Mack Daddy ) Mack at the Currentland Magazine office in Tahlequa, OK and give him a big ol' smooch. He's good people and puts on a dang good show. Love from highway. xo

Warm Place to Stay- Firefly 

Last fall while Nici and I were touring around MN and WI, we created this little music video using our iPad. We had written and recorded the music a couple weeks before while in the Ozark Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas. It was a fun little project :)

On the Road 

September 11, 2012

Song of the Day: "Time For The Sun to Shine" by: Nici Peper & Chris Snyder

Summer has never been so hot. It's as if all of the moisture is getting pulled from the trees and river day after day.  It is a blessing to see a lonely cloud with scant hopes of ever holding enough water to catch a ride back down with gravity.  Hurricane Issac tipped his hat and showered the bible belts prayers for rain with a day of rain, but it almost felt like a steam bath once the rain struck the baking pavement.
Our home and central command center for our recording sessions and tour across the South sits atop a bluff over looking the Illinois River in Flint Ridge Oklahoma. Most famous for the book written in the area, "Where The Red Fern Grows", this region is also the home of Cherokee Nation, destination of the Trail of Tears.

At night coyotes can be heard in their howling ballads amongst the rolling farmlands below. The hundreds of birds that flock in daylight, take roost by nightfall making way for the nocturnal to forage the old forests. Our headlights catch the gleaming eyes of dear and raccoons leaving the imagination to second guess what is really watching us.Twinkling diamonds shine down on us all in their majestic glory littered with wishes on shooting stars. This is Gods land.

We have set up our connections with a local magazine which covers all live music across Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas called The Current. They cover musicians from Willie Nelson to up and coming new artists and bands.  It is quite the magazine and network for musicians. We hooked up with the editor and accomplished musician, Joe Mack.  He invited Nici and I out to Tulsa to open for his 33rd Birthday show at a small but famous venue last week, our first show in Tulsa.  We plan on booking some shows as a Trio for this month and December.

Nici and I also cruised down to Little Rock to be a part of the biggest tailgate party in America for the Arkansas Razorbacks, where we set up a stage in the bed of my fathers pickup truck. Tens of thousands of people celebrated their beloved Hogs.
We made our way to downtown and enjoyed an evening of conversation and laughter.

On our return voyage to Fayetteville, we stopped in the famous town of Hot Springs to visit the Bath Houses and prospect future venues. Instead of taking the freeway home, we decided on a winding country route that took us through the national forest of the Ozark Mountains. What beauty.

I have never been so in love. Weather we are sitting in perfect silence or writing a song that tugs at the heart strings, I would be no where else but at her side. Nici is my godsend. Our eye beams dance and catch all emotion. It's as if I have known her forever... I keep pinching myself to ensure this is all real.
OUCH!..... Yup I'm still here:)
Here is to life. Here is to releasing all fear. Hear is to true love.

Newspaper Interview 

Feb 24, 2011 Article Written and published in the Anchorage Press~

Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2011 12:00 am
By Laura Chartier
Most local musicians will tell you that Anchorage has a surprisingly large and diverse music community—and one that is supportive of new musicians. And for such a far-flung city, Anchorage also attracts a fair number of Outside acts. Not many groups could claim to both build local talent and bring in Outside artists to collaborate, but Anchorage’s Third Wheel Project is designed to do just that.
This week, Third Wheel Project—a cross between a regular band and a music workshop—is hosting a member from Outside, Joel Kachel, at several shows. “Third Wheel Project is a band and a group that I started to help grow musicians,” says Chris Snyder, the group’s creator. According to the group’s website (www.thirdwheelproject.com), Third Wheel Project is “a band of musicians with the same common goal… to get people to smile and tap their foot in beat with our feel good music.”

On the musician development side of things, Snyder records all of Third Wheel’s live shows to help artists work on recording and songwriting. “We end up collaborating a lot,” he says. “I play a lot of piano and guitar and ukulele, and I really enjoy engineering sound, so it’s fun for me to help produce music. And by doing this I’ve been able to form a band of core members that I feel are pretty good.”
One of those core members is Kachel, a singer/songwriter based in Minnesota. Third Wheel Project first invited Kachel to Alaska in October 2010. During that trip, the group played “12 out of 14 days” he was here, says Kachel. Third Wheel also played at the Whittier Fall Barbeque, with a range of musicians sharing a stage, instruments, and songs. The type of music Third Wheel plays varies widely. “We play a lot based on the audience,” says Synder. “It could be acoustic jazz, other times it will sound more like Sublime, or Ben Folds Five, a kind of upbeat full band sound. Basically I would rather have someone say, ‘Hey, turn it up,’ than ‘Hey, turn it down.’”
Kachel agrees: “It’s not overplaying your space,” he says.
Kachel is focusing on recording during this trip, though the group will also be performing at a few shows. At home in Minnesota, Kachel runs a landscaping business in the summer, so winter, he says, is his primary time to tour. After his last trip to Alaska, he was inspired to keep traveling, and took a road trip to Nashville to perform and network with other musicians.
Sharing inspiration and material is a main focus of the Third Wheel Project. “Everybody that’s a part of the group is able to bring their music to the group,” explains Snyder, “and everybody will learn their music.” That culture encourages artists like Kachel who focus largely on original music. The name Third Wheel, says Kachel, refers to how musicians might feel when entering a new group, something that this project aims to alleviate. Both Snyder and Kachel are self-taught musicians, so they can relate to newcomers to the music scene. “I’d sit at home in front of the piano when I was a kid and just learn it [by ear],” recalls Snyder. As for Kachel, “Every time I record I say hey, if we’re not having fun we need to switch it up,” he says. “And I think that’s important. That’s what music is all about, people can see your excitement and your enthusiasm when you perform.”
As for future plans, Third Wheel will be bringing a group from Hawaii, called Lights Out Project, to Anchorage in the near future. Snyder and Kachel have other ideas, too, about reaching out to communities using music, such as bringing recording equipment to villages to run songwriting workshops. Synder once traveled extensively with Up With People, an international education and music performance program, and he brings a global perspective to Third Wheel’s work. He recently agreed to help write the score for a documentary about indigenous tribes in Guatemala, which focuses on themes of interest to Third Wheel, too. “The ability to record music can really inspire a lot in a kid,” he says.

Song of the Day 

September 9, 2012

Song of the day: "Make You Feel My Love", Bob Dylan

 This trip has been life changing for me.  From armadillo hunting to skinny dipping, Tulsa to Hot Springs, I've found myself in new situations and new country I've never experienced before. Whether my magic carpet has been a 2001 ford escape or a four wheeler, always with my faithful 6 string Yamaha and one incredible man by my side, I've now realized that my life will never be the same. It's like drinking Brian Snyder's cappuccinos.. Once you've tried it, your standards raise. You've tasted the best, the cream of the crop, the best life has to offer.. Mine eyes hath now been opened.
  Oprah makes thousands of dollars talking about living our best life. Magazines thrive on giving advice about how to do it. Working out a certain way, buying this new pair of shoes, best tactics with which to please our significant other.. We all want to be happy. We all want our best life. In the beautiful, rugged hills of Flint Ridge, Oklahoma, I realized I have found it.. I've never been so happy, so content- and simultaneously wholeheartedly excited about what the future holds. I feel more myself than I ever have..  Being with someone who not only accepts me but loves me completely has given me freedom from the anxiety and loneliness that has always seemed to follow me.. I miss my family and friends like crazy but I know when I do come home, I will be a better friend, daughter, sister, musician, and source of love.
   It's not a money making idea. In fact, it's a rare and treasured blessing. I know things like this don't come along every day. I'm not working out, just doing fun things, exploring Chris, my heart, and this incredible land. I can't remember the last time I ate ice cream or drank good- I mean, Good- beer without planning on cutting calories the next day. I'm happy in my sundresses and cowgirl boots. He tells me I'm beautiful without makeup and I believe him.
  Thank you, Chris Snyder, for the gentleness in how you handle my heart. I am humbled and grateful for your friendship, encouragement, and love.
  I have been in numerous relationships and I tried to fit every one into the box that was my Love Story. I knew it would happen eventually and I was impatient. Although the thought crossed my mind that I wish I would have waited, I now know my path was what it was for a reason. It led me here. Be patient. Know that good will come. May you all feel as blessed as I do.
  Love, peace, and capos,
P.S. Chris says hi :)

New TWP Band, Firefly! 

August 26, 2012

You found us! WELCOME!
Thank you for taking the time to listen.
The spirit of Third Wheel Project is simple; play music that inspires and empowers people to grow in a positive direction.  The third wheel artist lineup is a group of artists from around the world, each hand picked for their own unique sound and gifts that they bring to the table as a collective whole.
A key focus in our travels is to inspire our youth to explore their creative tendencies. Be it through music or be it through visual design, be it through video editing or be it through writing, creative arts are important for the development of our society as a whole.  We is the artists of Third Wheel Project, desire to share a gift with the world in hopes of touching someone. Inspiration takes seed at any age.

A month ago, magic happened in the land of 10,000 lakes. World traveled artist and producer, Chris Snyder of Third Wheel Project, began creating music and performing with arguably the best female singer / songwriter of our time. It's a bold thing to say, but just you wait as her music speaks for itself. Nici has been compared as a female Bob Dylan with regards to her meaningful songwriting.  She has a variety of original music and covers ranging from Jonny Cash to The Temptations.
Currently, Nici and Chris are on tour across Wisconsin and Minnesota, joined by TWP touring artist, Joel Kachel.  In the next 6 months, they have invites with plans to tour in Alaska, Arkansas, Austin TX, Florida, New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria.
Nici and Chris recently started a new project named Firefly, an acoustical duo that bounces Nici's sweet country-prairie sometimes Patsy Cline'esque style with Snyder's Surfer Americana.  Throughout their performance, both take turns playing guitar, singing, harmonizing and their hand at percussion. It really is a captivating experience to witness these two musical spirits as one song.

Before leaving Minnesota and Wisconsin to head south to continue their tour, Nici and Chris have been asked to open for Bret Michaels in Minneapolis at the Pourhouse.
They have also been approached about being a weekly acoustic act at the Belagio in Las Vegas!
Stay tuned and follow us at www.thirdwheelproject.com.
You can book the Artists of Third Wheel Project on the website! Take the time to explore the site and share! We also have free Android and Apple APPS on the main home-page making it so easy to follow us and stream our music for free!
One big shout out to our newest member of the TWP community, web-designer technical genius, Morgan Tuttle. Living in Austin Texas, Morgan took 10 years of my self produced websites, and in a month turned it into a fantastic hub for our collective projects.  Thank you good sir!
Most Sincerely,
Third Wheel Project
email: picturealaska@me.com

South Bound 

June 29th 2011,  Anchorage Airport 11:30pm
The Sockeye Red IPA hit smooth and quick at gate B5.  It's 11:33pm and you would think the reds just started running on the Tarmac judging by all of the cheap fedoras and Flyfishing vests. The little old lady next to me has waaaaaay too much of the musk deer going on in her custom gucci fufu juice.... I think I'll move.   Have you ever noticed how disorganized we become when traveling? I can't find my boarding pass that I wrapped around my ID and it's in my left hand.... Wtf? These moments in transit bring my life to a grinding awkward slow down that can only be cured with sleep or an iPad.  But even then, the iPad gives me way too many choices.  Do I blog or game.... Social network or update my web site... Surf the app store or google news it? What ever happened to the days of reading a book or talking to the old man next to me? Sometimes I wish the batteries would just die.... Oh crap, 15% left on my iPad... Better save my entertainment factor. 

20f. That's my seat. But wait.... The stewardess just told me to pick any seat..... Hmmmm leg room sounds nice.  I think I'll kick it behind 1st class.  It   sure beats the middle seat 13 rows back behind with the screaming baby.
My jaw does the dance every 10 seconds or so, to level out the pressure between my ear drums. Bear mountain all of a sudden looks minute in comparison to the Alaskan range to the north.  Soon enough the clouds look like cotton balls in a big bowl of water and the earth disappears from sight. Before I know it, all that I know leaves me except for the love that I hold for my beautiful homeland.

What do you do when it's 5 minutes into the flight and it's time to pee? Hold it.  The undercarriage just retracted and it made me have to take a little break from anything and everything. My ears sound like a popcorn machine. 30,000 feet is a breeze for mr redenbocker. A foot away from me they are indulging in crab cakes and pasta with wine or beer.  Here, In business class, they are teasing me with almonds and tonic water, all for a charge... With a 3.00$ surcharge... WTF? "take my first born why don't ya?!"    
At least they don't charge me for wearing underwear.... I think I'll be using the full extent of my call button. Wait... Perhaps I will release these SBD's ( silent but deadly's) to the unexpected people around me.  TSA will either bag me or join me.

Seattle airport seems like it lost it's luster a bit. The babbling water fountains quit babbling and the aroma of coffee no longer lingers. This next flight is full. I feel like a salmon packed in a sardine can.  Surrounded on all sides by people, all I have is my gas to expell the onslaught of my personal spacial bubble. The thermostat is broken on this ride, serving stale and recycled air.

6/30/11      Denver Airspace 10:35am
Landing in Denver was a bit hectic. I had 10 minutes to run from gate B7 to B57.  I was feeling rather hopeless when I noticed a little lady with a cane was standing faster than I was walking.... Oh that's right! The lower 48 has those horizontal-aters that makes airport walking a breeze! I hurdled the rail and off I went. I did notice that it's not a good idea to text and walk on one of those things.... When I reached the end I about ate it. So I made my flight in the nick of time only to realize that I had left my iPad on the check in counter! Arg! Lucky for me the lady working it was already on her way to the Tarmac to bring me my beloved little tablet. 2 more hours of flying left, and I will be landing in Little Rock Arkansas. I think I'll sleep.

An Atheist In The Woods 

An atheist was walking through the woods.

'What majestic trees!'
'What powerful rivers!'
'What beautiful animals!'
He said to himself.

As he was walking alongside the river, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him.

He turned to look.  He saw a 7-foot grizzly bear charge towards him.
He ran as fast as he could up the path.  He looked over his shoulder & saw that the bear was closing in on him.

He looked over his shoulder again, & the bear was even closer.

He tripped & fell on the ground.

He rolled over to pick himself up but saw that the bear was right on top of him, reaching for him with his left paw & raising his right paw to strike him.

At that instant moment, the Atheist cried out:
'Oh my God!'

Time stopped.
The bear froze.
The forest was silent.

As a bright light shone upon the man, a voice came out of the sky.

'You deny my existence for all these years, teach others I don't exist and even credit creation to cosmic accident.'
'Do you expect me to help you out of this predicament?'

'Am I to count you as a believer?'

The atheist looked directly into the light, and said: 'It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask you to treat me as a Christian now, but perhaps you could make the  BEAR a Christian?'

'Very well', said the voice.

The light went out.  The sounds of the forest resumed.  And the bear dropped his right paw, brought both paws together, bowed his head & spoke: 
'Lord bless this food, which I am about to receive from Thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen.'  

S Lounge 

This is going out to our 2 followers not counting my mom :)
Our show at S Lounge went well.  The show was last minute as the band that was supposed to play cancelled only hours before the show.  Cody and Mike missed it as they were already headed to the valley, however, Jonathan Germann and his twin brother Jason stepped up to the drums and bass and filled in rather perfectly not to mention it was their birthday too!!!  We kept our sets on the acoustic / jazz side of things as the audience seemed to dig that style.  Joel Kachel and his music blended well with the recent additions to the Third Wheel Project.  I had the stage set up with the piano on stage right with a single conga on its stand to my left.  To my right was my mac book pro which i had logic pro set up and running projects that we have been working on in the studio recordings to act as backing tracks.  Drums sat in the back right with the bass just behind me.  Lead guitar sat to my left leaving just enough room on the stage for 4 beers!  It was a tight fit but we made it work! The sound at S Lounge was nice! It is always a plus to walk into a venue that has a sound system in place! Props!  We will be back at S Lounge tonight rolling through our acoustic sets!
Today we have planned a sit down interview with a reporter from the Anchorage Press publication.  We hope to get a article on our shows and what TWP is to our community.  Time for another cup of coffee :)
Live on iTunes and other online retailers.

Live on iTunes and other online retailers.

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