Pretty Little Victim

Before I packed up my music and headed across the Lower 48 from Alaska, I had the pleasure of being on the set and writing music for this short film.  Director and Producer, Paul Rufus Jones and myself go all the way back to 4th grade where we shot movies on an old Hi8 shoulder camera... the big clunky kind. Years later he is still chasing his dreams with his work growing with every project. At the 5:25 minute mark, the scene goes into a bar and thats where myself and my crew of Third Wheel Project boys comes into play. The song I wrote for the film is called, "Completely Yours" and was a collaboration between Paul and myself as to what words we would use in the song. The Third Wheel Project crew this day was Jonny Stixx, Jason Germann, Cody Tanner, Mike Oviat and myself. Share if you like it!

Pretty Little Victim from Paul Rufus Jones on Vimeo.

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