October 12, 2012

Song of the Day "OnThe Road Again" Willie Nelson We just had an incredible tour. I'd say this is arguably the best month of my life. We met some crazy people, some amazing people, and made life-long friendships. My family has grown. Brian and Janice Snyder are two of the most sweet, welcoming, wonderful people I have ever known. If you know them or get a chance to meet them, you will understand. From their hugs to their coffee and soups. You two have a special place in my heart. Thank you.. Chris and I both teared up when we left Flint Ridge, OK today to begin the next chapter of our tour. The Great Escape is heading north loaded to the brim with fireflies, guitars, amps, and a beautiful new keyboard to embark on our next two months of shows in the Land of 10,000 Beers ( aka Minnesota and Wisconsin ). These are my stomping grounds- cheese, beer, camouflage, fingerless gloves, cow tipping, and the Packers. ( Let's not talk about purple here. My cousin has a shirt that says "The Good: Packers, The Bad: Vikings, The Ugly: Cowboys" ) A land of good solid folks that will help out at your fundraiser, stop and pull you out of the snowbank ( I know this ), and/or buy you a Leinenkugals on tap. I'm excited. Being on the road for the last 30 + days have taught Chris and I some valuable lessons.. #1. When you're in the car long enough, tourrets kicks in. #2. If I'm wearing 2 shirts, a sweatshirt, and a sweater, and Chris is wearing a t-shirt, we both enjoy the same temperature in the car. #3. When in Eureka Springs, keep your crystal wand with you at all times. Also a place where a half hour wait is worth it for a good latte. Drink your coffee slow and your beer fast. #4. When in Arkansas, learn the Razorbacks call. Don't ask what it means. Just learn how to say it. Correctly. #5. Chris reeeeeeally likes cows. #6. It's possible to play a country venue, a jazz lounge, and a biker's blues rally all in one week. #7. Armadillos suck. (If you ever see one dead on the side of the road, put 2 beer cans in his paws. This wasn't my idea, it's just what you doooo...) #8. Everyone should hear Kellie Joe Phelps play "Good Night, Irene". (Thanks, Brian :) ) #9. If Chris ever tells you he's going to rip your f*ck%#g sideburns out, he means business! #10. High kicks are hilarious! Do not challenge Chris to a high kick-off- one of our new friends, a sequined vest and pants of blue camouflage wearing bass player, made this mistake..... He over-shot it in his enthusiasm and landed flat on his back. I almost peed my pants. Honorable mention: Gas station food ends unpleasantly. "That smell may or may not be a turkey farm......................" We'll keep you updated. Life on the road is entertaining, exciting, scary at times, but a great way to get to know yourself and someone else. I'll take it :) I'm going to return to making jokes about Iowa now. Love, smiles, and rattlesnakes, NP P.S. if you ever get a chance to go to Chelsea's in Eureka Springs, listen to the Jeff Horton Band out of Fayetteville, AR, or dance to the music of Chad Lee, do it. And stop in to see Joe ( The Mack Daddy ) Mack at the Currentland Magazine office in Tahlequa, OK and give him a big ol' smooch. He's good people and puts on a dang good show. Love from highway. xo