Wisdom Tour 2017

Day 1 & 2: 
What a wonderful time in Maryville! If you are ever in north western Missouri, there’s a road called double E. If you like roller coasters, I highly suggest traveling it. Cell phones do not work there. We had a great gig at the pub last night. Big shout out to Jeff Zeller for having such an awesome venue and for being such an amazing host to us. Another shout out to Zoe for putting up with our shenanigans :-) Tia, we missed you:( Both of these ladies are amazing artists by the way :) Before our show yesterday, Jeff took us to the Northwest Missouri State University radio station ( go BEARCATS!), where Mike and I recorded a live show for about an hour. Quite unexpected and it put us back on our heels a bit. We cannot wait to see this show that the media class is putting together. 
Mike took the couch last night and I slept upright in recliner sawing logs. This morning we had our coffee and went to our first wisdom home of the day, Oak Pointe. We walked in to the common room filled with the wise with almost every chair taken. Immediately we had explain why we missed our performance for them yesterday. We had them laughing and the music was great as people were singing along and playing percussion on their laps. We also let them know that we were going to re-coin what we call retirement homes to Wisdom Homes. They loved the idea :-) We said our goodbyes and are now heading south on 71 to Butler Missouri. We have another radio show today, playing live on the Air @ FM 92.1 KMOE. Folks can tune in on the web @ www.921news.com. We figure around 3ish. Then we are playing a second wisdom home before we go set up at The Union, for tonight’s public show. READY SET GO!!!!