Songwriting Mode

Today's technology can really help in bringing out the creative force. Especially in songwriting. I am convinced that without my ability to capture the moment, so many of my songs would be lost.  The songwriting process is unique and different from person to person.  Some sit with ink and paper and first write the idea. Some do this in outline form and some in poetry. I do this when I am traveling and my guitar is out of reach (which never really happens). I have found that simply putting myself in a place of inspiration, the feelings and words just flow.  So I hit record and repeat this 2 or 3 times.  Then at a later time, I sit down and write my song based on the feelings and emotion brought to life while in the moment.
Now there is no wrong way to write a song and when that tune hits, stop everything and capture it! One of the reasons I have stayed in Alaska longer is to song-write. I spent almost 2 weeks in solitude over looking the Katchemak Bay in Homer Alaska.  Here are a couple of songs in their very beginnings. Not even songs yet, merely ideas. This is how I can best formulate my songs with a healthy balance of emotion and content. After I spend a couple weeks with them, they take new life and become real songs, or something for the trash can.