Wisdom Tour 2017

Day 1 & 2: 
What a wonderful time in Maryville! If you are ever in north western Missouri, there’s a road called double E. If you like roller coasters, I highly suggest traveling it. Cell phones do not work…

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Northwest Sessions

Here is a fun interview we did on our way through Maryville MO this last tour.  10 Days, 10 performances 1820 miles!


Hello McCarthy

Alaska in July is simply amazing. People come out of the wood work from a long cold winter of hunkering down. In the second week of my July tour, I headed out to the remote town of McCarthy, Alaska with…

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2017 Ozark Tour

With a cup of coffee, a loaded Tahoe packed full of musical equipment and a cooler full of cheese curds, I left my house to pick up The Messenger.  Embarking on a 2,300 mile tour to the Ozark Mountains of…

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Full Band TapRoot

Super excited to be playing with the AK TWP chapter as a full band tonight! We are playing the late show with several quest artists coming out through the evening to play a couple songs with us. Our layout tonight…Read more

A 2016 to Remember

Dear God,

As i have sat at the worlds end, memories have tugged at my heart strings.  Sitting alone on the beach for hours on end has left me reflecting and truly feeling whats important in my life. Time is…Read more

Songwriting Mode

Today's technology can really help in bringing out the creative force. Especially in songwriting. I am convinced that without my ability to capture the moment, so many of my songs would be lost.  The songwriting process is unique and different…Read more

On the Road

Coming home to Alaska has been exceptional. Re-kindling old friendships and relationships long thought to be lost memories. Driving hours and hours through majestic mountains and their alpine passes leaves plenty of time for the mind to unwind.
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The Way We Move - Bounce 1

Here is a song I had written back in 2012 before moving out of Alaska.  During the first scratch recording my good buddy Cody Tanner was in the room playing guitar.   These past couple weeks have moved me to write…Read more

Pretty Little Victim

Before I packed up my music and headed across the Lower 48 from Alaska, I had the pleasure of being on the set and writing music for this short film.  Director and Producer, Paul Rufus Jones and myself go all…Read more