Firefly's Alaska Album - Alive

This is a compilation of recordings from different shows from Firefly's tour of Alaska. The result is a high energy, and often entertaining, album of live performances from headlining The Fiddlehead Festival in Girdwood, AK, to the listening room atmosphere in the venue they kickstarted, Anchorage City Limits.
*"Nothin' But Lovin'" is a song by Chris Snyder in which he has a chorus but makes up the verses on the spot. In the track, the band makes fun of Nici running to the stage from the bathroom! Not the beer tent!
* "Truth Truck" was written by Nici in the bathtub after a particularly unpleasant discovery about an ex.
* Nici left for a solo show, through the tunnel, in Whittier, AK. Chris wrote "Be My Light", one of the catchiest songs on the album, while she was gone.... and you guessed it- she said yes :)
* "I Belong to You" was written after deciding the concept of the current project, "Four Seasons". It was Nici's first winter in Alaska and seemed to be winter in their relationship as well. With spring coming, she wrote with that in mind, a reminder that love stays, even when times are cold and dark.
* "Familiar River Bends" was originally a poem Chris wrote about his passion for fishing and all the years he's spent on the rivers in Alaska catching salmon and rainbow trout. This song captures his unique "Alaskan Reggae" style.
*Chris and Nici originally met in Minnesota while Chris was on tour in 2012. "Firefly" is one of the first songs he wrote after they met and is the inspiration behind their band name.
* Nici went and house-sat with a dear friend. In the corner sat a beautiful, well-loved guitar that she picked up and came up with "You Alone". The song was written in about ten minutes.
*"Hurricane" was written by Chris and Nici the morning after a disagreement. They sat together and created the song that was basically an apology to each other for things that were said out of anger.
* "Bluebird" is a song that Nici wrote a couple years ago. Having become a very special song for her mother and her, Lori Peper often joins them on stage to sing harmony with them when they are touring through Wisconsin. It's a song about friendship and how we need each other- especially when times get difficult.
A huge thank you to all the incredible people who have and continue to support us along the way- our sponsors, Lithia Chevrolet of Fairbanks and Jim Shanklin, and The Alaskan Coffee Roastery and the Maclure family- you guys rock! Our wonderful families who send hugs and love to where ever we happen to be, our friends- we could not do this without you! Thank you to Robert, Kelly, Jonas, Darren, for your talents! A special thank you to our wonderful friend and fellow musician, Johnny Stixx, for your talent, your skills, your energy, and your friendship- we've learned so much from you. We love you all!!!

We hope you all enjoy "Alive" by Firefly!
Firefly and the Third Wheel Project crew