On the Road

September 11, 2012

Song of the Day: "Time For The Sun to Shine" by: Nici Peper & Chris Snyder

Summer has never been so hot. It's as if all of the moisture is getting pulled from the trees and river day after day.  It is a blessing to see a lonely cloud with scant hopes of ever holding enough water to catch a ride back down with gravity.  Hurricane Issac tipped his hat and showered the bible belts prayers for rain with a day of rain, but it almost felt like a steam bath once the rain struck the baking pavement.
Our home and central command center for our recording sessions and tour across the South sits atop a bluff over looking the Illinois River in Flint Ridge Oklahoma. Most famous for the book written in the area, "Where The Red Fern Grows", this region is also the home of Cherokee Nation, destination of the Trail of Tears.

At night coyotes can be heard in their howling ballads amongst the rolling farmlands below. The hundreds of birds that flock in daylight, take roost by nightfall making way for the nocturnal to forage the old forests. Our headlights catch the gleaming eyes of dear and raccoons leaving the imagination to second guess what is really watching us.Twinkling diamonds shine down on us all in their majestic glory littered with wishes on shooting stars. This is Gods land.

We have set up our connections with a local magazine which covers all live music across Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas called The Current. They cover musicians from Willie Nelson to up and coming new artists and bands.  It is quite the magazine and network for musicians. We hooked up with the editor and accomplished musician, Joe Mack.  He invited Nici and I out to Tulsa to open for his 33rd Birthday show at a small but famous venue last week, our first show in Tulsa.  We plan on booking some shows as a Trio for this month and December.

Nici and I also cruised down to Little Rock to be a part of the biggest tailgate party in America for the Arkansas Razorbacks, where we set up a stage in the bed of my fathers pickup truck. Tens of thousands of people celebrated their beloved Hogs.
We made our way to downtown and enjoyed an evening of conversation and laughter.

On our return voyage to Fayetteville, we stopped in the famous town of Hot Springs to visit the Bath Houses and prospect future venues. Instead of taking the freeway home, we decided on a winding country route that took us through the national forest of the Ozark Mountains. What beauty.

I have never been so in love. Weather we are sitting in perfect silence or writing a song that tugs at the heart strings, I would be no where else but at her side. Nici is my godsend. Our eye beams dance and catch all emotion. It's as if I have known her forever... I keep pinching myself to ensure this is all real.
OUCH!..... Yup I'm still here:)
Here is to life. Here is to releasing all fear. Hear is to true love.